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We create complex, modern, scalable cloud services. To handle millions of requests and process terabytes of data we use the newest technologies and innovative solutions. Creating new products and making existing ones as good as possible is our daily mission.


Knowledge sharing

We are passionate,
learn a lot and share
it with others.

Work-life balance

We know that happy
people are more

Innovative approach

We always try looking at
challenges from different

Being agile

We are action oriented,
respond quickly
and adapt to new

Going forward

We constantly seek for
new opportunities
to develop.

Small teams

We are cohesive and
embrace interactions
while working.


We trust each other,
play together and
communicate our needs


We make people feel
important and
responsible for their
work. Ownership
is crucial - we take


We work using Scrum methodology, provide code reviews and keep eye on the newest technologies. Our team consists of talented professionals that include experienced, certified Product Owners and Scrum Masters. You can easily benefit from their expertise! We set long-term goals using OKRs and verify progress each week. People at Idium also never stop learning and are not afraid to admit it.


We have special time to develop ourselves during lab days (inspired by Google), which take around 10% of working hours each month. There are also blog days dedicated to our tech blog. We like to share knowledge during Idium Tech Talks where employees are presenting their favourite trends and current interests. We also attend foreign and local conferences both as participants and speakers. For this purpose, we offer conference & development budget for each employee.

Organisational culture

We keep Norwegian standards of work, embrace high organizational culture and appreciate transparency. Open meetings are held regularly – every two months our CEO shares insights, results and future plans for the company. We are honest with each other and not afraid to share our thoughts both on monthly follow-ups and on the daily basis. You can also share your views on the company through a systematically sent satisfaction surveys.

Office perks

Office perks – we want everybody to feel comfortable, so embracing homely and cosy atmosphere is very important for us. Our office equipped with a shower, fully stocked kitchen and entertainment space is located in Kraków city centre. You can have coffee, chill out playing Fifa on PS4 or even cook your own lunch here. You can also customize your own work station and choose from Macbook and Lenovo.


We take care of our employees and offer full healthcare, fitness membership, as well as English and Norwegian lessons for everyone. Enjoying spending time together, we organize company outings – from foreign trips to Thursday get-togethers with playing board games, Fifa tournaments and darts. Business trips are optional, but you can always have an opportunity to work and party with our Norwegian fellows!

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